SW-3b Display Problem – Not Fixed!

I thought that re-soldering the pins on the LCD display fixed the problem, and it seemed to be fixed for a while. However, after one POTA activation, the display problem returned. The display changes from random characters, to all dark , then no characters at all. Upon further investigation, I found that the 3.3V regulator chip was outputting 4.95V. This voltage not only runs the LCD display, but the processor chip as well. Stay tuned for more details.

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W9TH AllStar Node

Building an AllStar Node

I had this node working on the bench, now its time to assemble it into a finished unit. There are two compartments, one for the Raspberry Pi and one for the radio. The cooling fan on the larger box (the Pi box) not only cools the Raspberry Pi, but also cools the radio using a baffle between the two boxes. A big thanks to Freddie Mac – Your Ham Radio Crusader for his instructional videos on AllStar!

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