MTR-3b to Return!

This is from the LNR precision Web site: Update: 2/16/23: MTR4 V2.3 is not available for purchase now but we will be offering these again in the Spring of 2024. We don’t have an exact date yet but the target is by the end of March. This will be the only and last offering of the MTR4b V2.3 radios as we are shifting focus on a redesigned and re-engineered version of the popular MTR3B! It is our hope to have these out in Fall of 2024 if possible, but no guarantees. I’ve been trying to buy a MTR-3B LCD for years

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SW-3B Display Problem – Fixed!

The SW-3b is my favoite POTA rig. About June of 2023, the radio developed a problem with the LCD display. At first, the display would have random characters on one line. This was intermittent. As the year progressed, with each POTA activation or use, the display got progressively worse. The entire display would be garbled after a few minutes of use. The last time I tried to use it for a POTA activation in October 2023, the display was completely blank when the radio was turned on. I spoke with Dale at Venus about the problem. He suggested re-soldering the

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Tiny 3-D printed keyer paddle

Micro Keyer Paddle

I found this micro sized keyer paddle at the Hendricks County Indiana Hamfest 2023. It is so tiny, but has an excellent feel. The paddle is also fully adjustable. The cost – $10. The ham who was selling these didn’t mind me posting about it, but he declined to be identified. He is not in the business of mass production of these paddles for commercial sale. The paddle is 3-D printed. I’m sure the details for such a paddle are on some well known 3-D printing sites. I plan to use it with my SW-3b and AT Sprint III backpack

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