SW-3B Display Problem – Fixed!

The SW-3b is my favoite POTA rig. About June of 2023, the radio developed a problem with the LCD display. At first, the display would have random characters on one line. This was intermittent. As the year progressed, with each POTA activation or use, the display got progressively worse. The entire display would be garbled after a few minutes of use. The last time I tried to use it for a POTA activation in October 2023, the display was completely blank when the radio was turned on. I spoke with Dale at Venus about the problem. He suggested re-soldering the

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QRP Guys End Fed Half Wave Antenna – Part 3

I didn’t have time to test the antenna before our cabin trip, so I took some measurements on-site. The antenna was strung between the upper deck of the cabin and a nearby tree. The wire I used was 63 feet long, I intended to cut it to length when the antenna was put up. What actually happened was I passed the end of the wire through a plastic dog bone insulator and wrapped it back on itself about a foot, and called it good. The SWR turned out to be so close to perfect, I didn’t make any adjustments. Here

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