NorCal Paddles – Part III

IMG_7134Here are the completed Plexiglas paddle pieces. They are supplied in the kit pre-drilled, but you have to cut them to the desired shape and polish the edges. I decided to use the classic shaped paddle shown in the instructions. After cutting the pieces to the rough shape, I used a flat file to remove the saw marks. The edges were polished using a 220 grit foam sanding block. The whole process took about an hour and a half.




I assembled the paddle to get an idea how everything fit, and if any changes were needed. I quickly decided to replace all the brass nuts and washers with stainless. They were too small to polish and coat with clear enamel. I had spent so much time polishing the larger brass pieces and coating them to preserve the finish, I didn’t want the brass nuts and washers to require periodic polishing.










Altogether, I have about 15 hours invested. I really like how everything looks so far. All I have left to do now is install the wiring and make final adjustments.

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