Ft. Wayne IN Hamfest 2015







Murrell (W9ISP) and his son Austin, Kevin (K9HX) and I attended the Ft. Wayne Hamfest on November 14, 2015. This is an annual event for us, and the last hamfest we attend for the year. This year was a bit larger than last, which I’m glad to see. Years ago, this hamfest encompassed two floors of the Colosseum. It was the largest hamfest in Indiana. Over the years, it began to decline.  It went from two floors, to one floor, and then about four years ago, it was one half of one floor of the Colosseum. I’m glad to see it was back to a full floor this year.







You can see just about anything at a hamfest. Here are just two of the odd things we saw. A Star Wars speeder and a real live Motorola CB tester. I know Motorola made a lot of test gear, but I’ve never seen a CB tester. I guess back in the 70’s they made the tester to go along with their Mocat CB line.







One vendor had a “FREE” box of junk, so I had to look. I found a very nice roller inductor that looked new. I also found a CB. Yes, I know, but it is full of free parts.















Here are the items I picked up at the hamfest. The Ten-Tec enclosures are getting rare, and are great for QRP projects. The digital pannel meter will be used in my “gutter antenna” tuner – I will post about that soon. I have been looking at doing a QRP tube transmitter / receiver project, so the 180V transformer will come in handy. Last but not least, was a very excellent antique verier dial mechanism for $2.

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